Thursday, September 11, 2003

The end is nigh! and HACKED! 

OM Bill's last stand, NY flashmob #8, went down, but not the way intended:

satanslaundromat explains:

"The intended performer was a recorded message on a boom box. Instead, a man with a bright neon sign reading "Cafe Thou Art" in a suitcase hijacked the mob by displaying his sign and making a peace sign with his right hand. (Who carries a neon sign in a suitcase?) The crowd, playing along and not realizing the neon sign was an interloper, briefly chanted "Peace, peace, peace!", drowning out the boom box."

More on the end of Mob, to come....

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Your Worst Nightmare. 

Remember that little worry and warning about a Corporate HACK of the Mob, through Guerilla Marketing?

Well the Suits are thinking hard about exploiting the innocence.

At Turn Flash Mobs into Flash Customers, James Hering contends:

Most make you do something inane, like sing a song at a specific time, or hop like a bunny for five minutes, then disperse. But most retail-driven marketing efforts have the goal of getting a lot of people to do the same thing at a specific time. It's not all that different.

What's this mean for marketers? It's a prime opportunity to really study the power of the Internet and to craft similar (but sane) efforts to drive customer transactions and interactions at lower cost.

If it is all Viral, what's the cure?

Mommas, don't let your cowboys grow up to be babies. 

It was a long time gone, but peruse this here Austin, Texas HACK.

Courtesy of Schamea The Third comes a report of anti-social engineering at Austin Flash Mob #2:

All was going to plan.  That is, until the Ninja guys showed up. They hurled buckets of water (along with dry blue bath towels and flyers of their own) at the mob and skulked off into the early Austin evening.  Henceforth, they shall forever be dubbed the Austin Splash Mobbers.

Video provided via FOX.

More @ austin.about

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